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  • Let us help you with your real estate settlement services.

  • Let us get all of the documentation and legal information you need.

  • Focusing on personalized services from a single point of contact

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What Can We Do For You?

Even Par Settlement Services will provide you with a single point of contact for the personalized services that will ensure a swift and easy completion of your real estate purchase or sale.

  • Representation for both Buyers and Sellers
  • Information validation of buyers, sellers and property
  • Coordination with financial institutions
  • Production of all government required paperwork
  • Provider of Title Insurance
  • Facilitate all closing activities

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Services What We Do

Title Services

  • Information searches of all natures
    • 60 year, last owner, etc.
    • Tax and municipal services validation
    • Court record for liens against property
  • Resolution of all issues found during searches
  • Title Insurance Agent


  • Costs
  • Schedules
  • Government required HUD documents
  • Funds Distribution
  • Mortgage payoffs
  • Removal of liens against property


Legal Support

  • Sales agreement
  • Legal review of all findings and documentation
  • Reviews done by our in-house legal staff
  • Legal representation at closing if required
  • Notary Public services


Pre & Post Closings

  • Schedule all parties & location
  • Preparation of deed(s) when required
  • Conduct closing on time
  • Recording of deed(s)
  • Distribution of all funds and payoffs


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